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8-LOCK® MAG-Utility 4

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Reliability and the ability to adapt equipment to different missions requirements are  primary needs: that's why we developed this panels allowing gear's correct organization. Our patented 8-LOCK® technology, named after its "8" shaped holes, allows the shock cord to be locked in position once the loops are set up: thanks to this simple solution, the shock cord will not be free to move in the holes and will create independent, fixed length loops that won't lose retention once another item is taken from the panel itself.
The panel has a Velcro® hook face to be mounted in any backpack, bag, pouch or chest rig that feature a Velcro® loop area. 

Available in 4 or 9 inches lengths.


Package includes:
1 x 8-LOCK® Panel
1 x 0,8 mt Shock Cord


- Width: 10 cm / 3,94"
- Height: 12,5 cm / 4,92"
- Depth: 0,3 cm / 0,12"
- Weight: 25 gr / 0,88 oz.


- Rigid Parts: Polypropylene Composite
- Sewing Thread: Mil-Spec Bonded PA Nylon 6.6
- Hook & Loop: Mil-Spec Velcro®
- Shock Cord: Mil-Spec Polyester



Organizer panels are a big thing nowadays in the tactical world, but all the available options actually share the same big issue during use: when a item is taken from the panel, the other loops lose retention because the shock cord is free to slide through holes, with the risk of losing gear as a consequence.
We worked hard to address this issue and we finally patented out 8-LOCK® technology: thanks to the peculiar "8" shaped holes, it is now possible to lock the cord in the desired position without knots or hardware, resulting in fixed, independent loops.

K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, Stupid)

8-LOCK® system is really easy to be operated, without any hardware:

1- Slide the shock cord in the wider part of the hole (A).
2- set up the loop according to the object to be carried and the level of retention needed to hold it.
3- Pull the shock cord in the narrower part of the hole (B). A “clack” can be heard when the cord is finally locked.
4- Keep making loops following the previous steps. Loops can be undone or modified following the previous steps backward.


MAG-Utility 4 is the smallest among the panels we developed with two rows of holes: it is suitable to carry long or heavy objects such as pistol mags, multitools, flashbangs, explosives, bandages, tourniquets, or any other item that needs to be secured in two points. If two points are not needed (e.g. shorter objects), please check our EDC-Utility 4 o EDC-Utility 9 panels out.