100% Paper ... is it just marketing?

In December 2021, in addition to having inaugurated the new site, added new products and optimized our services, we updated the package with which our items are shipped all over the world. Below I will show you how the new package was conceived in order to offer a better customer experience without neglecting sustainability. Is it just marketing or are there deeper motivations?


All the components of the new package


We know that many companies have only recently embraced the eco-friendly cause: today being "green" is trendy and sells a lot. Others, since their foundation, set sustainability as their strong point. We place ourselves at the middle of these two extremes: by updating the packaging, we felt the duty to modernize it and make it more current. We believe that making innovation is a "modus operandi" that must be applied to many business aspects, not strictly to the product's performance. The goal we set ourselves were three:


  • Improve the customer experience to avoid our customers having to separate the various components of the box upon receipt of the goods.
  • Graphically coordinate the pack to the theme of the new website.
  • Make our contribution to a more modern and sustainable market.


As we can see from the photo, the packing tape (originally in polypropylene), has been replaced with a paper one whose glue is of vegetable origin and 100% biodegradable. The other component replaced is the envelope to contain the necessary enclosed documents. It is made of tissue paper, treated to withstand rips and water.


As we all know, it is a pleasure to embellish our cases and containers with the stickers of your favorite brands. This is the reason why we also add ours inside each package! The adhesives we have made are of high quality and can be used outdoors, without particular issues.


We are aware that the quantities of packages we ship are not comparable to shopping giants like Amazon and Zalando. The concrete effect that our choice will have on the planet is minimal, but we have decided to do our part anyway.

I hope you enjoy the new package because your trash will like it for sure!

Ad maiora!


scelta mirata , sostenibile e apprezzabile , in un mercato globale è giusto integrarsi mantenendo però la propria anima ….bravi


Apprezzo moltissimo la scelta di orientarvi su un packaging eco-sostenibile, così come la nuova politica aziendale di condivisione.

Gallitelli Leonardo

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